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About me

Hi! My name is Kristóf Torma and I am a Hungarian DevOpsEngineer/guy. I spend a lot of my free time playing around with my homelab. There is still much for me to learn despite having tried many different technologies and methodologies connected to my hobby and profession as I self-host more and more services to serve yours truly and also my close circle of friends and family.

I led a local group of enthusiastic students between 2020 and 2022 called KSZK, or in English, a Special Interest Group (SIG) for Computer Science. As a member, and later on, leader of the group, I had the opportunity to operate services for real users and maintain the server and residential network of the Schönherz Dorm, which serves over 1000 students with gigabit Internet access and provides high-quality server colocation services, both to servers operated by us and other students as well.

I use this blog to share my recent (mis)adventures and lessons learned on a semi-frequent basis. Watch this space to see what I’m working on, and hopefully, take the opportunity to learn together with me!